Bulldog Easter Brew Chocolate Stout Beer Kit


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Bulldog Easter Brew Chocolate Stout Beer Kit.

This Bulldog Easter Brew Chocolate Stout Kit contains 4.2 kgs of malt extract. It produces a very solid stout with heavy malty flavours and with a perfect dash of chocolate.

Bulldog Brews Beer Kits have been created using modern brewing technology. Yet their roots are firmly in traditional brewing. These kits use the best liquid malt extracts from producers around the world, combined with varietal brewers yeast strains. They enable you to achieve beers of stunning quality, true to their originals, in your own home.

The finishing touch is the use of fresh, pelletised hops to adjust flavour and aroma to perfection. Easter Brew Chocolate Stout contains Sovereign hops.

What do I need to make Bulldog Easter Brew Chocolate Stout Beer?

Making true brewery-quality beer at home does not have to be technical or difficult. You only need to add water to make this beer kit. You will also need a small amount of sugar when kegging/bottling to condition the beer. This kit uses teabag technology for the finished hops, so no boiling is required. Adding fresh hops to your beer is no more difficult than making a cup of tea!

Beer making equipment is not included. Need a beer making starter kit? 

Technical specifications

Weighs 4.2 kg.
Makes 5 gallons/40 pints.
Bitterness: 45-50 EBU.
Colour: 120-130 EBC.
Alcohol content of finished beer: approximately 6%.
Fermentation time: approximately 7 days.
Conditioning time: approximately 4 weeks.

Never made beer before and fancy giving it a go? Take a look at our beginner’s guide to brewing beer from a kit.



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